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Marina Address:

Sportfishing Terminal #2

Ensenada Harbor
Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico



For reservations call:

USA: (760) 200-7047
Mexico: 01152 (646) 178-8058
Nextel: 125*326381*12

Or E-mail:



























from us toll free number: 1-877-219-5822
phone: +52 (646) 173-4141
fax: +52 (646) 173-4151
email: reservations@ecpvmarina.com











for reservations and information

tel: 01152-(646) 175-0050

fax: 01152 (646) 175-0058

toll free: (866) 302-0066


hours monday-sunday 8 am- 7pm




































Baja Naval, S.A. de C.V.

Av. de la Marina #10,
Zona Centro
Ensenada,Baja California
Mexico 22800
e-mail: marina@bajanaval.com
e-mail Boatyard: guillermo@bajanaval.com

US Mailing Address
1220 Rosecrans St. #323
San Diego CA. 92106

Phone: 011 52 (646) 174 0020
Fax: 011 52 (646) 174 0028






Marina Baja Fiesta


The best sportfishing terminal location on the Ensenada Bay. Within walking distance of restaurants, hotels and close to Ensenada's bargain shopping and nightlife. We have 25 boat slips which can accommodate 25' to 50' boats and a 100’ boat at the end tie. Electrical hookups and fresh water service at no additional charge, 24 hour security, restrooms and nearby parking.

Marina Baja Fiesta has been in operation on Ensenada's Bay since 1980.

We are the only full-service marina in Ensenada providing numerous charter services including sportfishing charters, diving charters, harbor cruises, guided whale watching excursions and more...

Our philosophy is not the one size fits all approach. We provide boats to fit your individual needs.

Our boats range in size from 32 to 65 feet, each specifically outfitted for a single purpose. One boat for cruising, two boats dedicated only to fishing, one boat outfitted exclusively for diving.

For your convenience, the the Baja Fiesta Bar & Grill, located at the foot of our dock offers our guests a place to relax. At your request the chef will prepare your catch in a variety of presentations or you may simply choose to enjoy a cool beer on the sundeck.

Marina Baja Fiesta has been a part of Ensenada through the many changes that the City has seen. We have been providers of jobs, generous community supporters and a central part of Ensenada's waterfront service providers.

The unchanging part of this company’s operation is our commitment to providing quality services at the best value to visitors and residents of Ensenada alike.

Come join us for an unforgettable, fun filled experience



Slip Rentals:






















Slips include: Electricity* 110V + 220V, 30A or 50A, water

Any oversize boats will charged at the rate of $8.00 per foot, per month.


The 3 month special is per month and must be paid in advance.

For boats staying 3 months or longer, Live aboard fee is $50.00 US per month for up to 2 people.





Marina Cruiseport Village


The marina of ensenada cruiseport village is a private marina centered at the cruise ship terminal that is conveniently located in downtown ensenada.

The marina consists of 198 slips between 35' and 68', as well as end-ties from 83' up to 138', plus a 350-feet guest dock offering mooring for mega yachts. Each slip is equipped with dock box, water supply, and 30/50-amps electrical outlets.

a fuel dock and pump out station is contemplated in our Future Development Plan.


  Daily 3 Days Weekly Monthly 3 Months
Below  68'' $ 1.50 $ 3.75 $ 7.35 $ 17.10 $ 34.50
68 or greater $ 2.25 $ 4.11 $ 8.05 $ 19.50 $ 40.50


terms and restrictions apply


rates are subject to change and do not include a 12% tax charge

rates are calculated per foot, based on the length of slips or the length of the vessel, whichever is greater.

short term rates are based on the actual lenght of the stay and will apply on early departure guests.

electricity:  usd $0.16 KW (USD $55 non-refundable deposit required).

live aboard is USD $150 per month for up to 2 people (staying 3 months and over)

call for price on end-ties




Marina Coral


slip size rate ft. Daily weekly 15 days
30' $ 1.50 $ 45.00 299.88 567
35' $ 1.50 $52.50 349.86 661.50
40' $ 1.50 $ 60.00 399.84 756
45' $ 1.50 $67.50 449.82 850.50
50' $ 1.50 $75 499.80 945
55' $ 1.50 82.50 549.79 1039.50
65' $ 1.50 97.50 649.74 1228.50
end ties   by quotation only    

plus 12% sales tax (prices in USD)


slip size rate ft. monthly electricity deposit
30' 9 270 50
35' 10.40 364 50
40' 10.40 416 50
45' 10.40 468 50
50' 10.40 520 50
55' 10.40 572 50
65' 10.40 676 50
end ties 12.00   50

plus 12% sales tax (prices in USD)


guests departing early will be assesed the prevailing short-term rate based on the actual length of the stay, and the deposit will not be refunded.


monthly rates are calculated on the length of the slip or the length of the vessel, which ever is greater.


live aboard is $100.00 per month for up to 2 people. Additional guests are 50.00 per person.


Electricity is $ .25 per kw.


prices subject to change without notice.







Marina Baja Naval


Baja Naval owns and operates a marina offering 50 slips for boats up to 100 ft long. We provide fuel, drinking water, super clean restrooms and showers, electricity, concierge, e-mail, computer hookups, and 24hr security. We can also help you with fishing licenses, port clearance and immigration papers.

Baja Naval adjoins a beautiful mile long boardwalk along the port, which makes for a marvelous afternoon walk or an excellent morning jogging track. Shops, restaurants, hotels, bars and services are within walking distance since we are located in the downtown area.

Our busiest days of the year are during the summer season and for weekend events such as the Newport-Ensenada Regatta. Please make reservations at least one month in advance during such times.


Short term rates Up to 10 days 10% IVA tax included

Below 35' LOA $26.00 /day (plus 10% IVA tax)
36' to 50' LOA $30.60 /day (plus 10% IVA tax)
51' to 60' LOA $0.70 /ft/day (plus 10% IVA tax)
61' to 80' LOA $1.05 /ft/day (plus 10% IVA tax)
80' or larger $1.65 /ft/day (plus 10% IVA tax)

Middle term rates

From 11 to 29 days $0.46 /ft/day (plus 10% IVA tax)
From 30 to 180 days $9.90 /ft/month (plus 10% IVA tax)

These rates will be applied on whichever is longer, LOA of vessel or slip.


Liveaboard privileges: $70.00 U.S. a month and $30.00 U.S. down payment per person, this rate becomes effective after staying more than three days a week. Overboard discharge is prohibited and will be fined.